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Tattoo Ink StarBrite Canary Yellow 2oz (60ml)

Tattoo Ink StarBrite Canary Yellow 2oz (60ml) | Mavis Bush Tattoo S


StarBrite Ink Canary Yellow 2oz (60ml)

Canary Yellow at this point in time is an industry standard and a legendary colour because of its extraordinary vibrant look for many years later after the tattoo has been healed. Not only does it saturate well into the skin but it holds up to the test of time. Canary is the brightest yellow in the tattoo industry, hands down, making it great for highlights, rays, glows, and much more. It is a transparent pigment and works well to blend and brighten reds, greens, and browns. The mix ability and versatility of this colour works very well with no struggling to get it into the skin. Most artists in the tattoo industry regardless of what brand they use will still choose StarBrite canary as their go to yellow.



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