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Signature Tattoo Numbing Cream

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Signature Tattoo Numbing Cream

Walk into your next tattoo appointment with confidence because you know it will be pain free. Our signature tattoo numbing cream will numb the area you are about to get tattooed, ensuring that you can relax during your session.

RELIEVE PAIN - Our cream numbs any area and stops pain.

FINISH YOUR SESSIONS - When you go pain free, you never have to ask a tattooist to stop, slow down or finish another time.

ACTUALLY RELAX - Imagine sitting in a tattoo studio completely relaxed and at ease because you can't feel a thing whilst getting tattooed.

All the Numbing Cream will be posted by express post. Thank you for shopping!

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Zoe T.
Australia Australia


I used this cream for a sternum tattoo that in the first session got too much on the pain side. I did not feel a thing! It was weird haha it lasted about 2hrs. So far it's healing fine. My artist had no issues with the cream only that it made ink stick to my skin more so she had to wipe a lot more but besides that she's so happy she is recommending it to other clients. Super happy with this product, I will definitely use it for those nasty spots!

Nick E.
Australia Australia

It worked but with side effects

I used this product 2 weeks ago. Yes it numbed to an extent I couldn’t even feel my collar bone being inked. However two weeks later I still have a white, as in bleached looking bicep due to the colour loss in the skin, I can o it guess it is through lack of blood flow. It looks like I have a winter t-shirt tan Price for delivery was extreme for such a small package. Easier to walk to chemist for the same thing.

Noel F.
Australia Australia


Had quite a big piece done on my lower leg, around my calf, ankle and Achilles’ tendon. Didn’t feel a thing! Lasted longer than it said it would, (10hours later parts of my leg that hadn’t been tattooed were still numb) yes there was some pain as it wore of and the more worked areas got the attention it needed but wow so much more enjoyable. One tube covered my whole lower leg area too from ankle to knee so don’t let the size of the tube out you off 100% recommend this cream.

Trish S.
Australia Australia

Trusted seller

Cream worked well to support a tattoo being worked over an hour period

Australia Australia

Excellent !

Bought the cream for a hand tattoo. Worked 100% and lasts for a few hours after. Recommend for those long session hurty spots. I’m not a sook as I have over 12 tatts now but for a hand tatt’ I appreciated the numbing power using this cream. Use it as directed with excellent results.



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