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Secure and Dispose Safely with 1L Sharps Container (BS7320:1990)

Our 1L Sharps Container (BS7320:1990 compliant) offers a safe and efficient solution for the disposal of sharps waste. Designed to meet the British Standard BS7320:1990, this container ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines, making it an ideal choice for healthcare facilities, laboratories, tattoo parlours, and any environment dealing with sharps waste.

Key Features:
  • Compliance: This sharps container complies with BS7320:1990 standards, meeting the necessary requirements for the safe disposal of sharps waste.
  • Secure Design: The container is specifically designed to securely hold needles, syringes, and other sharps, reducing the risk of accidental injuries during disposal.
  • 1L Capacity: With a 1L capacity, this sharps container offers ample space to accommodate a significant volume of sharps waste.
  • Durable Material: Made from high-quality materials, the container is puncture-resistant and leak-proof, ensuring safe handling and transportation.
  • Clear Labelling: Clear and prominent labelling provides easy identification and instructions for use, ensuring proper handling and disposal of sharps waste.

Dispose of sharps waste safely and responsibly with our 1L Sharps Container (BS7320:1990 compliant). Your safety and compliance are our priority.