S8 Red Advanced Tattooing Barrier Gel and Aftercare 2oz/59.95ml

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S8 Advanced Tattooing Barrier Gel and Aftercare 2oz/59.95ml - Your Ultimate Tattoo Glide Gel

Discover the revolutionary S8 RED Barrier Tattooing Gel, a pioneering and inert glide gel tailored for tattooing. This innovative gel acts as both a pre-tattoo sealant and a topical lubricant and barrier during the tattooing process.

Key Features:
  • Completely inert tattooing glide gel
  • Protects stencil integrity and prevents blurring or smearing of stencil lines
  • Compatible with all stencil and tattooing pen products
  • Ideal for all skin types, ensuring artist performance and client comfort
  • Reduces needle burn and friction-related heat, enhancing ink saturation with minimal drag
  • Decreases glare, reducing eye strain for artists
  • Cleans the skin, improving the quality of transfers
  • Petroleum-free, propylene glycol-free, and all-natural blend, safe for all skin types
  • Optimized for use with S8 RED Transfer Paper
Additional Benefits:
  • Available in varying bag sizes to meet your needs precisely
  • Re-sealable bags for convenient storage and easy dispensing
  • Tear-away top and narrow aperture for quick and effortless dispensing
  • TSA-approved sachet packets for on-the-go tattoo artists

Choose S8 RED Tattooing Gel, a product made in the USA, with a patent-pending formula, never tested on animals, and vegan-friendly. Elevate your tattooing experience and achieve remarkable results with S8's cutting-edge products.