Practice Skin A5 1mm

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Style: Blank

Elevate your tattooing or artistic skills with our Practice Skin A5, available in both blank and patterned designs. This versatile practice skin is designed to closely mimic real human skin, providing a realistic experience for perfecting your craft. It's an ideal tool for both beginners and seasoned artists to enhance their skills and experiment with various tattooing techniques.

Key Features:

  • Two Options:

    • Blank Practice Skin: Unleash your creativity and experiment with different designs and styles on a blank canvas.
    • Patterned Practice Skin: Practice specific tattooing techniques and patterns for a more guided experience.
  • Size:

    • Dimensions: 14.50 x 19.00 cm
  • Thickness:

    • 1mm

Our Practice Skin A5 is a valuable addition to your toolkit, allowing you to refine your skills, test new equipment, and achieve the precision needed for successful tattooing.