Plastic Clip Cord Sleeves Black

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Elevate the cleanliness and safety of your tattooing setup with our Plastic Clip Cord Sleeves in sophisticated Black. Each box contains 100 sleeves, ensuring you have an abundant supply to maintain hygiene and protect your clip cords. These sleeves offer a practical and efficient way to uphold a sterile environment in your tattoo studio.

Key Features
  • Quantity and Packaging: A box includes 100 Plastic Clip Cord Sleeves, providing ample coverage and ensuring your clip cords are protected during tattooing.
  • Sleek Black Design: The sleeves are crafted in a stylish Black color, adding a professional touch to your tattoo setup while showcasing your commitment to hygiene.
  • Size Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 50mm width, 800mm length, making them suitable for standard clip cords.
  • Hygiene and Protection: These sleeves effectively maintain cleanliness by covering your clip cord, preventing cross-contamination during tattooing.
  • Easy Application: Designed for ease of use, simply slide them onto your clip cord, allowing for a hassle-free setup and efficient workflow.
Preserve the cleanliness and longevity of your clip cords with our Plastic Clip Cord Sleeves in chic Black. With 100 sleeves in each box, you have plenty to keep your workspace in top condition. The Black design not only adds a touch of professionalism to your tattoo area but also underlines your commitment to hygiene. Slide these sleeves onto your clip cords effortlessly, ensuring a clean environment for your tattooing process.