Mom's Millennium Grey Wash Shading Ink 4 Steps Set 2oz (60ml)

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Size: 2oz

Mom's Grey Wash Shading Ink Series 2oz / 4oz

The Mom's Shading Series are available in greywash, cherry and bronze wash type blend of ink with black, red or brown pigment added, to give a fresh tattoo grey, reddish or golden brown effect. Each colour in the shading series comes in 4 gradients, #4 being the darkest, that allows you to find which blend works best for you.

Once you use it, you will never go back to mixing your own. Get the same great consistent shading ink every time.

It creates perfect portrait work and will keep the grey, reddish or golden brown effect after it heals. Available in 2oz and 4oz sets of four Greywash shading Inks and are sold individually.