Mannequin Head with Removable Parts

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Sets: Eyes and Mouth

Elevate your training and artistry with our versatile Mannequin Head featuring removable parts. Crafted from high-quality silicone, this training aid is designed to provide a lifelike experience for professionals honing their skills in various domains. With removable eyes and mouth, you can practice tattooing, makeup application, lash extensions, and other beauty techniques with ease. The silicon material ensures durability and a realistic feel, making it an essential tool for every artist and student.

Key Specifications:

  • Material: Made from high-quality silicone for durability and a realistic texture.
  • Height: Stands at 22 cm, providing a substantial surface for training.
  • Width: Measures 15.5 cm, offering ample space for precise application and practice.

Package Contents:

  • If choose Head Eyes and Mouth: Including 1 x Mannequin Head with 2 x removable eyes and 1 x removable mouth
  • If choose Eyes and Mouth: Including 2 x removable eyes and 1 x removable mouth

Experience the ultimate training tool with our Mannequin Head featuring removable eyes and mouth. The high-quality silicone construction ensures durability and a texture close to human skin. This head is designed to assist professionals in honing their skills in various beauty applications such as tattooing, makeup techniques, lash extensions, and more. The ability to remove the eyes and mouth adds versatility to your practice sessions, allowing you to focus on different aspects of your craft. Elevate your training and artistry with this essential tool, providing a realistic and lifelike experience.