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Enhance your training and practice sessions with our versatile Mannequin Flat Head, designed for cosmetology and tattoo training. Crafted with high-quality silicone, this one-piece mannequin head mimics the feel and texture of human skin, providing a realistic training experience. Its flat surface allows for a variety of applications, making it an essential tool for professionals honing their skills in the beauty and tattoo industry.

Key Features:
  • Realistic Texture: The Cosmetology Mannequin Flat Head boasts a surface texture that closely resembles human skin, providing a lifelike training experience.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for practicing tattooing, cosmetic eye lash extensions, lips tattooing, and facial massage techniques, catering to a range of training needs.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring durability and longevity, making it a reliable tool for continuous practice and training sessions.
  • Convenient Weight: Weighing 660g, the mannequin head offers a comfortable yet substantial weight, facilitating easy handling and maneuvering during training.
  • Single-Piece Design: The head is a one-piece unit, making it convenient to use and store without any assembly required.
Elevate your training with our Mannequin Flat Head, a perfect tool for honing your skills in the cosmetology and tattoo domains. The high-quality silicone material used in its construction offers a realistic surface texture akin to human skin. This makes it an exceptional training aid for various techniques, including tattooing, cosmetic eye lash extensions, lips tattooing, and facial massages. Experience the convenience of a one-piece design that's lightweight yet substantial, weighing 660g. Take your training sessions to the next level with this versatile and durable mannequin head.