Dynamic Triple Black

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Size: 1oz

Dynamic Triple Black 1oz (30ml)/ 8oz (240ml)


Discover Superior Tattoo Ink by Dynamic Colour:

Elevate your tattoo artistry with our premium-quality tattoo ink, boasting unparalleled pigment richness within the industry. Our inks, renowned for their optimal flow rate, cater to a wide spectrum of artistic needs – from intricate detailing to precise outlining and shading.

Genuine and Sanitary Ink Solution:

Embrace authenticity and hygiene with Dynamic Colour's tattoo inks, packaged in impeccably clear PET bottles featuring a foolproof anti-counterfeiting Dynamic logo coating. The integrity of our inks is sealed with a Dynamic Colour stamp, assuring their authenticity.

Proven Track Record of Reliable Healing:

Bid farewell to prolonged healing processes and dissatisfied clients. Dynamic Colour tattoo inks effortlessly glide into the skin, fostering vibrant healing and yielding results that remain strikingly vivid over time. As a pioneering presence since 1990, Dynamic inks boast a proven track record.

Vibrant, Enduring, and Striking Hues:

Unleash your artistic potential with high-quality tattoo ink that resonates with every artist's vision. Our diverse palette of 30 colors, brimming with intense pigments, can be seamlessly blended to craft your own personalized shades. With Dynamic Colour tattoo ink as your creative partner, the only limit is your imagination.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Formulation:

Committing to your well-being and the environment, Dynamic Colour products are entirely devoid of animal derivatives and remain untainted by animal testing. Our tattoo inks not only ensure skin safety but also contribute to a healthier planet, aligning with your conscientious choices.

Made in USA