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Posted on August 10 2020

Dear all,

Recently we added a few more new products onto our online shop.

Tattoo Pen with DC Clip Cord with 4 different colours are definitely something worth mentioning. Quiet, low-vibration operation and lightweight which are one of the key features and it will help you to complete a masterpiece with a long dedicated working hours.

Inks become more popular due to current logistics congestion around the world so it sometimes becomes scarce resources. We introduced Moms Grey and White colours. In addition to that, we start selling World Famous 5 stage shading set and hope it will be a popular brand on the market.

For Stencil Needs, we add Spirit Green Thermal to the Transfer Paper family.

Self-Adhesive Bandages with various patterns are something should not be missed. Add a few to your trolley as it only costs you $2 per roll.

Natures Grift is an essential brand every tattooist should buy one during and after the process.

Also one DC and another RCA clip cords have been put onto the shelf. How exciting. Bored to use the old types? Time to try something new.

Last but not least and it maybe is the most important at the moment, a bag of 3 layers medical face masks can effectively prevent you from exposing to possible COVID-19 sources.

There are a lot more coming if you need more, just provide your feedback via message, phone call and emails so one day we will be a one-stop shop for all tattooists.

For those of who tiredlessly tag us Mavis Bush Tattoo Supplies, really appreciated for your thumbs-up. Spread the words by talking to your tattooist friends if you like our products.

Kind regards


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